Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Measure of Nerdiness

So it seems that mightygodking has a handy guide to nerdiness. And you know I love nothing better than this sort of thing. Or maybe you don't know. Irrelevant.

Let's see how much of a nerd I am!

BATMAN: Not nerdy. I've read batman comics other than those two, but why buy when you can just mooch? The Miser strikes again!
STAR WARS: Dangerously Nerdy. I hate Jar-Jar, but I'll defend anything. I also own a lightsaber, but it is no toy. It is a powerful weapon and a great responsibility. I wield with great honor in an extremely amusing fashion.
HARRY POTTER: Fairly Nerdy. I owned a wand, but they broke it when I got expelled. I still keep the pieces. Would you like to see?
MAGIC THE GATHERING: Really Nerdy. I've figured this one out. It's not really you, see? You're just roleplaying. You're not a planeswalker, you're portraying one - a different one depending on which deck you run. Fer instance, I think of my goblin deck's walker as a crazy cat lady, except with goblins.
H.P.LOVECRAFT: Dangerously Nerdy. I stopped reading them, though, because "Herbert West—Reanimator" freaked me out.
NERD TELEVISION: Nerdy. I also watch(ed) Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, but that might just make me a freak. "But you guys can't be a bridge!"
STAR TREK: Not Sure. Where does Voyager fall on this list?
COMPUTER USE: Slightly Nerdy. For the record, I hate Macs. Why? It was an arbitrary decision, and I never go back on those.
ADDENDUM: I play Dungeons and Dragons, belong to a comic book appreciation club, and CREATE MY OWN FUCKING MAGIC CARDS. Almost 1000 of them, at this point.

Aw nuts, I just noticed there's no scoring system. Just gonna have to arbitrarily decide.

I am nerdy.

There! I have decided!


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