Monday, February 2, 2009

I am Dissapointed at the World in General, but at the People on in Particular

So out of all the people who read Max's Birthday, I was the only one who liked it enough to list it as a favorite book? Shame on you, world. Max's Birthday is quality literature.

I'm talking, of course, about the original version. With the dragon. The lobster version isn't worth a shit. Way to sell out, Rosemary Wells. You turned my favorite childhood series into a whore for The Man.

I capitalized 'The Man'. Did you see? That was to show you how strongly I feel about this.

Which is very strongly.

I maybe should have made myself more clear.

EDIT: Son of a bitch. I can't find the original Max's Birthday anywhere on the Google. This is just like 1984, only with a children's book about anthropomorphic rabbits. THE TRUTH CANNOT BE SUPPRESSED, ROSEMARY WELLS A.K.A. BIG BROTHER.

EDIT EDIT: I would just like to clarify that Rosemary Wells is not really Big Brother. That was an allusion.

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