Saturday, February 28, 2009

Card of the Day - Glutton's Feast

A fun concept I played around with. If you have no other spells, it acts as an overpriced Stream of Life, undesirable to be sure. But if you play it when you've got 4 or so mana, then use that mana to play a spell before manaburn kicks in, you've got a lovely 8-point life gain. Which is... well, it's still bad. Really, this card needs to be either an instant or a cantrip to be playable. It's a junk rare, but you need junk rares and at least it's interesting.

Speaking of which, I was all proud of the mana-pool-matters mechanic. I was going to do so much with it, maybe make it into a theme. I thought it was so original. And then I found out about Glissa. Glissa, I hate you. Your very existence makes me feel unoriginal and stupid. You keep me from completely ignoring Mirrodin Block and pretending it didn't happen, which I very much want to do. You are an elf and that by itself makes me loathe you. Your art is ugly. Oh, and you have first strike when no green creature should ever have that ability. In short, you are an abomination. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

Incidentally, the Glistenhide are a tribe of lizardfolk that live on the foresty borders of the Mudlurk, a massive swamp. Expect a Mudlurk-related card tomorrow.

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  1. The group I'm making BOO sets with includes a guy who is actually doing mana-pool matters. It's in his Reverse-Legions set with no permanents.

    Our forum (which is hopefully not something I'm supposed to be keeping secret) is located here:
    Mike (paperwarrior) is the guy making that set.
    I'm chip.


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