Monday, February 2, 2009

Card of the Day - Slaughterhouse Madman

Haha! What a terrible card.

He was influenced by my favorite D&D villains I've ever created - the slaughterhouse boys. The stole a church bell or something stupid like that. God knows what they were going to do with it. Then they fucked the PCs' day up by leaping out of meat lockers, dual-wielding meat cleavers, spearing pigs on meat hooks and using them as shields, and generally being batshit insane. Searching for the town bell, that's demeaning enough. But what's really humiliating is getting your ass handed to you by a bunch of meat-packing dorks half your level.
This was, of course, before the PCs were run out of town, leaving someone locked in a meat locker and abandoning their adorable urchin sidekick to die in a fire. It was also before they slaughtered all the members of a caravan and bankrupted an entire country. By accident.

They were the best heroes ever.

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  1. Best. Heroes. Ever.

    -Nameless One (Just cast Armageddon and used pact of negation to protect it. FAIL.)


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