Saturday, February 28, 2009

Card of the Day - Oppugner

Remember Eldritch Colossus? Yeah...

FASCINATING FACT: Oppugner used to be a Frog, not a Human. True story. I originally had plans for a race of blue/green frog people called the Rana. The only trouble there was that nobody on Deviantart had the courtesy to draw (retroactively) anthropomorphic frogs. A whole mess of frog-cards sat around artless as I turned them one-by-one into other creature types to fit the pictures I found for them. You've seen one already.

Now I have no frogs. It is sad.

Original Art

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  1. God help me, the block of mine that is slowly forming has two different races of cat-people and refugee kitsune from kamigawa. What the fuck was I thinking? I had to slog through so much goddamn furry porn. So much.

    Also, "loses all abilities" is something Wizards won't print anymore because it does batshit crazy stuff. Mark talks about how Humility turns out to be a rules nightmare, though I forget what column it's in. Also, this card doesn't do a lot since they can play most stuff in response...


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