Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of Day-Long Life

This is the story of Zayin the 21st, a barbarian of some renown. He will be missed.

(The numbers on the left are the turns of the game).

5: Renamed my dog Terror Titan.
29: Looted chest; recovered dog food stashed within.
40: Drunk from fountain; found gem.
135: Found elven mithril coat; put it on. +2, and not cursed! Score!
154: Killed goblin; ate it.
276: Killed Terror Titan in fit of rage; gained a level.
277: Ate Terror Titan.
368: Found scroll of enchant weapon; enchanted axe.
377: Descended to second level of dungeon.
514: Found newt inexplicably carrying 2 food rations; killed it.
723: Found grave of Mary (of little lamb fame).
785: Killed rat; gained level; ate rat.
820: Descended to third level of dungeon.
853: Found scroll of identify; determined that the gems I have been so slavishly collecting are all worthless glass.
924: Killed kitten; gained level.
957: Offered kitten’s corpse to appease deity; unsure of result.
1144: Killed werejackal; gained level.
1186: Ate werejackal; became cannibal.
1213: Turned into werejackal; dropped all my stuff.
1657: Ambushed by kobold shaman and rothe. Returned to human form.
1676: Killed both; gained level; ate rothe.
1690: Descended to fourth level of dungeon.
1745: Killed hobbit; ate it.
1786: Killed dwarf; gained level.
1887: Decided to pray for removal of lycanthropy; pissed off deity.
1899: Seduced by wood nymph; orcish helm stolen.
1912: Attacked by invisible wizard; brain hurt.
1914: War begun in Balkans.
1918: Killed invisible wizard.
1919: Treaty of Versailles signed; war ended.
2010: Turned into werejackal; ambushed by rothes; fled.
2013: Ambushed by monkey; sword stolen.
2014: Whistle stolen.
2019: Returned to human form.
2025: Killed monkey.
2034: Began putting my stuff back on.
2035: Turned into werejackal; dropped stuff.
2038: Ambushed by rothe; called upon jackal brethren for aid.
2040: Jackal brethren fled; returned to human form.
2056: Put stuff back on.
2065: Killed rothe.
2070: Attacked by two more rothe and gnome lord.
2072: Died.

(Fullview if you think you can handle the grief)

Items at death:
A +1 battle-axe
A blessed +2 elven mithril-coat (being worn)
An uncursed +0 dwarvish cloak (being worn)
An uncursed +0 pair of iron shoes (being worn)
3 uncursed food rations
2 uncursed scrolls of blank paper
A cursed scroll of blank paper
An uncursed tin opener
An uncursed worthless piece of black glass.

Attributes at death:
Piously aligned.
Poison resistant.
Aggravated monsters.

Creatures Vanquished:
A gnome mummy
An orc shaman
A fog cloud
An elf zombie
A paper golem
A little dog
A floating eye
A kitten
A dwarf
A kobold lord
A kobold shaman
3 rothes
A monkey
A dwarf zombie
2 werejackals
2 coyotes
A hobbit
A giant rat
2 brown molds
A jackal
A kobold
A goblin
2 sewer rats
A grid bug
2 bats
A lichen
3 newts

Voluntary Challenges:
Never genocided any monsters.
Never polymorphed an object
Used no wishes.

Zayin XXI
516 Au
Killed by a rothe


Goodbye Zayin XXI the Barbarian...

You died in The Dungeons of Doom on dungeon level 4 with 2821 points,
and 516 pieces of gold, after 2072 moves.
You were level 6 with a maximum of 79 hit points when you died.

Nethack is an incredibly deadly game. You may die more frequently in other games, but for pure variety, go for Nethack.

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