Monday, February 9, 2009

Card of the Day - Dream Guardian and Nullify

Two cards today.

Given the subject of my previous rant on how Wizards keeps stealing my ideas, I present one that I'm fairly positive they have not used. I also made a card with enchantmentwalk, but it's basically a Panglacial Wurm ripoff, so I posted this'n instead.

And here's a card I made that Wizards stole from me. The dirty thieves. Quick, name the card this is!

Original Art - Dream Guardian
Original Art - Nullify


  1. So, this is getting eerie. I wrote up a card for Nullify yesterday (Amazed that it hadn't been used? I was.)

    Mine even has compositionally art:

    Mine is, however, way less elegant. Basically, I noticed that "Counter" is one of the few effects never to receive a two-target version and also the one that is least likely to benefit from it.
    Sadly, I was a chicken and made it into something way more versatile. Should I change it back?

    Nullify, 3UU
    Choose up to two - Counter target spell; or counter target activated ability; or counter target spell or activated ability.

    Should it force you to do two? The current card feels watered down by its desperate grasping at playability.

  2. That's eerie. When Wizards printed Dream Fracture, I changed Nullify to do something different but kept the name and art. Here's what it does now:

    Nullify [2][U]
    Counter target spell unless its controller pays [3].
    [1][U], Discard Nullify: Counter target activated or triggered ability (Mana abilities can’t be countered.)

    My nullify is a whole lot closer to yours than you might have known. (The "triggered ability" part is in there to deal with Preview)

    As far as the desperate grasping goes, I think the most elegant solution is to just change the wording to "Counter target spell or activated ability". Maybe drop it down a mana.

    I'm actually going to change my Nullify to do something similar (and be even more of a Preview hoser):

    Nullify [2][U][U]
    Chose one - Counter target spell; or counter target triggered ability; or counter target spell and target triggered ability.

  3. The really pure form of my Nullify actually just reads "Counter two target spells." I liked it because I could reasonably print a card that does twice the effect of Counterspell at the exact same mana cost and it still wouldn't be playable.

    The next version was "Counter up to two target spells" which would have to cost more. Then it started being able to target activated abilities to balance some of this insanity available in other people's sets... And by then I had created the world's most cluttered modal spell this side of the Commands.

    I /really/ like the way the first version of your Nullify for managing to balance cheaper situational utility and a decent soft counter.


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