Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Have a Theory

Hagra Diabolist is That Guy. Prove me wrong:

what a tool

Friday, November 13, 2009

Need a post here!

Yes, a shameless TF2 reference. I got it yesterday off Steam and I'm preparing to play it tonight.

But enough about TF2. This is a magic blog!

So today, I'm going to introduce a new mechanic: Resonate. It's a psudeo mechanic, which means it does different things on each guy. Here's an example:

Reis is special because he doesn't have to be built around, like most of the resonate guys that I've created. I like the concept of resonate, but it feels like a very limited mechanic, like the "C.M.C. six or greater" thing from Scourge, only dumber, since this has to be the exact same C.M.C. So I'm trying to figure out how to make it work better. I'm wondering if I should make a guy that can change the C.M.C. of spells so that you can actually build a resonate deck, or spells with variable mana costs...I dunno.

Let's hear what you people think.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tamales or Something

It's not Damnation. It's Rocket Quest!

I'd like to apologize in advance for the eating-based turn RQ has taken lately. Maybe I've been hungry for the past 2 months. But that doesn't seem right...

4.5 - The Cap and The Lunchbox and Everything
4.6 - Not Really a Person

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh Hey What's Up

The more astute among you might have noticed that there has been a suspicious lack of cards lately. I assure you that there are plenty of illegitimate reasons for this terrible occurrence. Look at all these reasons:

1. I don't have a computer - this one's pretty crucial. No computer means no MSE means no cards.
2. MSE doesn't work well if I try to run it from a flash drive - true, I can run it from the UT computers, but it looks like shit. And I don't plan on uploading shitty-looking cards.
3. I've been really busy - so it turns out that college is actually a lot of work and it's difficult to balance that with having a social life even without spending a lot of time messing around designing cards and browsing deviantart for artwork. Who knew?
4. I haven't designed any new cards lately - Zendikar is pretty fucking exciting, but it didn't get me designing like some other sets have. Then there's the whole "I've been busy" thing to consider again. And the whole "MSE doesn't work well" thing. Many things.
5. I'm a lazy-ass motherfucker - the most important reason of all.

But what of the other engineers? I don't know. Nameless One is probably doing his own thing somewhere. Draco's fucking about in UTSA and needs to get his sorry ass to big boy UT in Austin. Al went off to Arizona or something and (I have reason to believe) is getting his drank on something fierce. Shore Snapper had to go back to Grixis for what he claims were "issues of [his] family." I was under the impression that he had eaten all his siblings at birth and that his parents were hideous zombie abominations, but what do I know. The point is that THEY HAVE ALL FAILED ME.

That is actually not correct at all.

Despite all the outsourcing I do, ABW is primarily my business. And I have let sickness overtake it. The sickness of inactivity. So I'm gonna make a promise to you. And this is one of those promises that I might or might not keep depending on how I feel at the time, so you don't have to worry about it actually happening. I promise that I will put some sort of "content" on ABW in the near future. It probably won't be a card. It'll probably be a Rocket Quest. But you won't know until it happens! It's like opening a pack of Planar Chaos, right? You're hoping for a Damnation, and there's always a chance you'll get a Damnation. You're not actually going to get Damnation. You're going to get Keen Sense. You're always going to get Keen Sense. But you never know that for sure until you open the pack. There's always a chance. There's always hope. 'course there's also a chance that your pack is going to contain three Rathi Trapper for some reason (none of them foil) and that five of the eight people in your draft pod will crack Spellshift. Why the fuck would that happen? Weirdest fucking draft. Oh yeah, and there's a chance that there won't actually be a pack of Planar Chaos. It might be Coldsnap. It might be Nemesis. It might be German Pokemon cards. Or it might just be like a can of Coke or a tamale or something. It might even be nothing at all. I don't know. You don't know. That's the joy of it.

And who knows? You might open a Damnation.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It doesn't even stay within bounds but FUCK FUCK FUCK

Saturday, September 5, 2009

No Way

What the hell, Wizards?

I MADE intimidate. I even CALLED it intimidate.

True, it's sort of the next logical step and lots of Magic design people don't like fear and intimidate is a pretty obvious name, but I'm still going berserk here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

No New Cards

Not for a while now, anyway. I just moved into my dorm at UT, and don't have a computer yet. Be patient.

Oh shit. There should have been an IMPORTANT ANCIENT BYZANTINE WISDOM ANNOUNCEMENT somewhere in there. Pretend I said that, okay?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Card of the Day - Worldscorch

There's not a whole lot here. The name I originally used for this card was "Yet Another Burn Spell" and that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it. It's possible that this should be rare, but I feel like it's the sort of thing that you want to be able to run multiple of in draft. For when you hit 10 mana, you know. 10 mana, 10 damage. Nice.

Original Art

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Update?

I could have sworn I posted a lot of cards just now. It's almost like they vanished. Like, say (just to give a random example), into the past. Eerie.

Blue Text

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Metamorphosis Prerelease Card(s)

I promised a special treat. I lied.

Metamorphosis has been going on for a while, hasn't it? Quite a few cards. Quite a few. There have been a couple from Al's set, a couple from Nameless One's set, a couple from Shore Snapper's set, a couple from Utopia, but many more from Metamorphosis. About time we found out what the prerelease card is, no? Or, rather, the five prerelease cards. Remember that cycle of dual lands from Multiverse? Well, turns out they're in Metamorphosis now. Also, they are the prerelease cards.

This is a terrible idea, by the way. Either event coordinators would have to pass out a copy of each to every person or they would have to find some way of determining which to give to each person. Put them all in a bag and draw one out? There'd be disappointment there, maybe a bit of feeling cheated, if you didn't get the one you want. Disappointment is a terrible thing for a prerelease card to be associated with.

Regardless, here are the cards:

Familiar, no?

Hey, new art! Snazzy!



I'm actually somewhat sleepy.

Still, these are pretty cool.

My least favorite art and least favorite name of the originals.

My least favorite art and least favorite name of the new ones.

So much better than Hermit's Hovel.

Eh. This one isn't great, but at least it's not Jungle Ravine. It was a little tricky to find art to match the name.

Original Art:
Placid Canal 1
Placid Canal 2
Shardcrown Lair 1
Shardcrown Lair 2
Bandit Camp 1
Bandit Camp 2
Jungle Ravine 1
Jungle Ravine 2
Hermitage 1
Hermitage 2

Friday, August 14, 2009

Land Friday

A couple of weeks overdue. No matter.

I've got a special treat for all you Land Friday fanatics out there (i.e. myself). I'll post it later today or sometime tomorrow or a month from now. Cheers!

Original Art

Card of the Day - Clean the Slate

Remember that you can do stuff in between the preview ability resolving and the spell itself resolving. Patron of the Orochi?

By the way, did I mention that it's really hard to find good art for Wrath of God effects? Because it is. Eventually I settled on a piece that shows the aftermath of such a spell but I'm not entirely satisfied with it.

Original Art

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Card of the Day - Lightning Strike

Good thing preview resolves before the spell itself. I suppose you could always counter it, but you should really just wait to play this until it'll win you the game.

Original Art

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Card of the Day - Strzyga

Preview is a triggered ability. It works (theoretically) much like the Demon's Horn cycle of artifacts. When you cast a spell with preview, the spell goes on the stack and then the preview ability goes on the stack. It is important to note that the preview ability goes on the stack after the actual spell and will thus resolve first. It's also important to note that preview doesn't care about whether the spell resolves or not. Even if the spell is countered, preview shit still goes down (unless your opponent Stifles it).

Preview is like Threshold, Channel, Sweep, Radiance, Hellbent, Grandeur, Kinship, Chroma, Domain, and (yes) Gotcha - a pseudo keyword. None of these actually means anything by itself; all of them are simply ways of grouping a similar complex ability that appears on multiple cards. All pseudo keywords are in italics and are followed by a dash. They are used for abilities that do similar things (or have similar ways of doing things) but do not have an identical effect on cards.

Preview (and most of the others listed above) could have been made a standard keyword. Here's how it would have looked:
Preview - Target player sacrifices a creature (when you cast this spell, target player sacrifices a creature.)
That's fine, I suppose, but it's kinda clunky. Less elegant, if you would. There are times when repeating yourself word for word is a good thing, but this is not one of them.

Oh, and please don't ask me how to pronounce Strzyga. I don't know and would be pretty damn embarrassed if somebody called me on that. That was the name of the art. I liked it so I lifted it.

Preview's kinda tricky to explain flavor-wise. The omen route worked pretty well for this guy (at least as far as I'm concerned), but Shardcrown Brute was just a complete bust. What are those ghosts doing there?

Original Art

Card of the Day - Shardcrown Brute

Ow. Fuck. I needed that leg.

Original Art - Shardcrown Brute

Happy now, Shore Snapper?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Card of the Day - Incurable Bloodmage

Bloodmites are a very tasty snack but I have not seen them at any point since the time when I left Grixis. I do not understand why this is so! The levels of taste and nutrition of the bloodmite are very high and a bloodmite is not a difficult thing to make. I entered a Tesco store and looked in the many aisles but I could not find even a very small bloodmite. When I was upset and asked for help from an employee that person was very rude and only screamed and screamed. The manager was the next person to also be rude. She said to me that I could not be in the Tesco because I was not wearing any shoes and also held a dead bird in my mighty jaws. The bird was not dead at the time when I entered and it must have become that way at some point but I had not noticed. Both of these things are unhygienic is what she said. It was an embarrassing time!

Original Art

Monday, August 3, 2009

Card of the Day - Manifesting Dreambeast

There have not been cards for many days. I do not understand this! The absence of cards is not a thing that many people would expect when there are also a great many names that call themselves a card of the day. I am saddened. Grell is a human that I try with to have respect for despite his lack of fearsome claws and scaly skin but I am not able to hold respect for him when the behavior he has is a thing that would result in immediate and gruesome death in Grixis. The death would be for him! But I am an ally who is helpful and I am able to perform kindnesses for Grell with a card. I am also an ally who is hungry but Grell says many things like do not do that and spit that out and I'm so ashamed I thought you knew better when I am trying to sate the great ravenousness that I have at some times and I usually listen to him so my hunger remains. I do not understand. We are meant to eat humans. For what other reason would they be constructed primarily of meat?

Original Art

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Card of the Every Other Day or Some Such Tomfoolery - Chitinize

Some of you might have noticed that I have been, shall we say, less than punctual with the cards of the day of late. This is because I am a bum. Actually, no. It's because I'm lazy. No excuses (even though I just gave two). My assumption is that once I start up school again full time, I'll keep more regular schedules. Look for that. Late this August. Until then, expect choppy updates and missed days. If I find myself unable to readily update during the school year, I'll probably shift to a M-W-F or Tu-Th-Sa pattern of updates. But don't get your hopes down just yet.

A NOTE TO THE OTHER ENGINEERS: If you feel like submitting any cards, just drop my a line. I'm sure I can fit you into my nonexistent schedule.

Original Art

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Card of the Day - Unnerving Might and Valiant Stand

Flourish has been done before. There's not a whole lot of difference between cards with flourish and cards like Kindle except flourish actually makes new copies whereas Kindle and its kin just grow greater in effect.

Benny freaks out about this one. I don't think it's that scary, especially not with Savanah Lions bustling around in standard again.

Original Art - Unnerving Might
Original Art - Valiant Stand

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Card of the Day - Utopia Tree

It's a photo of a tree from Utopia, Texas. What more do you want from me?

Original Art? No. There's no reason any sane person would ever want to use a photograph as the illustration for a card.

Have a fantastic prerelease and don't play Runeclaw Bear.

Original Art

Land Friday

Day late and a dollar short, as usual.

Original Art

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's All Aesthetics, Really

Just finished looking through M10 on gatherer. Some thoughts on cards:

Centaur Courser - The art is pretty cool, but it should still be a Nessian.
Deathmark - Like the art, especially the black mana symbol where the pupil should be. Is this the first time a mana symbol has shown up in card artwork?
Doom Blade - Like the art, still don't like the name.
Excommunicate - The old flavor text was better and would still fit in M10. They should have kept it.
Fabricate & Rod of Ruin - Saldrath is really good at magic.
Flashfreeze - Love the flavor text
Illusionary Servent - Really like the art
Lifelink - What is going on here?
Manabarbs - Kamahl knows what's up. No legendaries in M10, it seems.
Mind Control - This art is terrible.
Naturalize - They should have used the Shards of Alara art. It was better.
Ornithopter - Like the art. The flavor text isn't new, but it seems oddly appropriate.
Ponder - Like the new art except for the face.
Prodigial Pyromancer - Uncommon now. Is it just me, or does the text seem a little bolder on M10 cards than on their Tenth Edition versions?
Serpent of the Endless Sea - Really like the art. The name seems like something Shore Snapper would come up with.
Sign in Blood - Love the art, love the card. I want to see someone lose to this thing.
Time Warp - LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! In the water? I don't understand.
Unsummon - Why does this Esperite only have four fingers? That bugs me so much. It's like how Suntail Hawk has four legs for some reason.
Veteran Armorsmith & Veteran Weaponsmith - I like cards that share art, especially when that art is good.
Weakness - Rude
Whispersilk Cloak - Like the art
Wind Drake - Hate the art

That is all.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Deepwilde Sorcerer

Hello and welcome to the last day of Wizard Week. Today, we'll be discussing what Wizards don't usually do, using this card as an example: Let's start with color. You get Blue wizards, obviously, and black wizards. You get some red wizards, most notably Prodigal Pyromancer. You get some white wizards and few green wizards. You've got 16 green wizards (not counting multicolor), 41 white wizards, 31 red wizards, 53 black wizards and 216 blue wizards. Yep. Green doesn't get wizards. In terms of magic, they get shamans and druids.
Here's another thing wizards don't generally do: Aggro. At least, wizards don't generally do aggro on their own. And if they do, they're not generally getting blocked, so they don't have trample. You've got flying wizards and unblockable wizards, but you don't get big tramply wizards. The biggest wizard there is is...well, the biggest size is 5/5. And no trample. So this girl is 1/1 below the largest wizards and she has trample.
So, to sum up, her type line, picture and name all say wizard, but everything else on her says Warrior.
And now, Empathy. It's a psudeo ability, like threshold. It doesn't have a standardized text, only a standardized form. They're fun. It's sort of like Kinship, only more permanent. Vampire Nocturnus could've had Empathy. But then he probably would've been less useful.

So, this is the last day of Wizard Week. Gotta say, it was a real gas. I look forward to seeing you guys again. Unfortunately, I'm going on hiatus until August 8, due to the fact that I have to go into hiding. So, see you all then!

Original Art

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Blast of Thought, Cyborg Necromancer

Hello again and welcome to day three of Wizard Week. Today, we will again be discussing what wizards do. Surprisingly, they deal damage. Prodigal Sorcerer for example. Like this card:
Yes, it does count everyone's cards. So if Maralynn of the Mornsong is in play, this card is totally worthless. So what do they do if you give them a card they can't use in time? They discard it. And guess who's happy when they do that? This guy:
This creature is my zombie wizard tribal leader. I use him with Lich Lord of Unx to make hoards of zombies and wizards. And they're all bigger. And then, Blast of thought will also give you a zombie. Genius!

Tomorrow, a new keyword (psudeo) and the color Wizards usually don't appear in!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Thaumic-Control Adept, Thaumic Academy

Hey, folks, it's Nameless One again! Today, we're going to be going into greater depth as to what Wizards like to do. Through my research, I've found that Wizards like to do tapping/untapping (Aphetto Grifter, Fatesticher, Aphetto Alchemist), countering spells (Patron Wizard, Disruptive Pitmage/Student), Drawing cards and other blue things. They're, in essential, the blue class. Here's my personal wizard counterspell:
Yeah, he does cost the same as Patron Wizard, but with one less blue and Champion. I've discovered from Lorwyn/Morningtide that champion allows you to make ridiculous cards, like...oh, I dunno....Lightning Crafter? Yeah. Pretty much. The thing I love most about this card is that it actually gives you a use for the Scornful Egotist, a 1/1 for 8 with morph for one blue. A counterspell that says pay 8? Now there's something I can sink my teeth into. Now for the other thing that wizards have a tendency to do:

Yes, Wizards become unblockable. And with the Thaumic-Control Adept, this land is also a Nix, which could be useful in the current environment, what with cascade and such. There's three wizards with unconditional unblockable and three more that make things unblockable. The Cephalid Pathmage in fact has unconditional unblockable and can make things unblockable. Pretty awesome. Anyway, it's also a pump for your Nameless One or Nameless One X and a count for your Ixidor's Will. The unblockable may be costed a little too high, but meh. It breaks the rules of Magic.

Anyway, that's it for day two of Wizards Week! Stay tuned tomorrow for more things Wizards do!

Original Art:
Thaumic-Control Adept
Thaumic Academy

Monday, July 6, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Nameless One X

Hey, loyal readers! Welcome to the first day of Wizard week, where I'll be posting wizard themed cards and discussing wizardly stuff. Here's the card for today:Yes, it is yours truly in an epic evolved form. The evolution keyword is to allow you to upgrade your creatures when they've been on the field for a while. I'm thinking about doing a Krosan Beast style thing with one of them...anyway. Wizards are spellcasters and they're in blue. Naturally, this means they fiddle about with unblockablity, either by flying, fear or just straight unblockable, as well as counterspells. We'll be getting to the cards that epitomize those tomorrow.

Now, back to this card. Nameless One was one of a cycle of Avatars from Onslaught block, which also included Heedless One, Doubtless One, Reckless One and Soulless One. They each had their own mechanics as well as the tribal counting and you know what the Nameless One got? Well, let's go through the others first. Heedless got trample, Reckless got haste, Doubtless got lifelink, and Soulless got the ability to count zombies in the graveyard as well. And Nameless got morph. Boring. Personally, I think it should've had flying. But, since I can't rewrite history, I simply created the evolved form of Nameless One. Yes, adding X onto the end of something's name means it has evolved. Instead of morph, it has evolution. It also costs slightly more, but it's worth it for what you get. If you've got an Evolved Nameless One X and two wizards, say two Cathartic Adepts, you've got two 1/1s and a 5/5 flying first striker. Now that obviously raises the question of how you got the Nameless One to evolve in the first place, but never mind that. I plan to play around more with evolution, since it can be an enjoyable mechanic.

Anyway, enough about me. See you guys tomorrow for day 2 of Wizard Week!

Original Art

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Card(s) of the Day: Death to all Defilers, Forked Lightning

Al Capone here, with my first crack at Card of the Day. For your viewing pleasure.

I except this card to be treated with all seriousness.


This one is clearly a bit more serious. Yes, it's very, very similar to Pulse of the Forge (Mirrodin) in terms of cost, effect and mechanic. However, it speeds up the process, going straight to evening the life totals instead of recurring the 4 damage until you're higher. The result is a more elegant equalizing of life totals.

Original Art: Death to all Defilers

Original Art: Forked Lightning

Friday, July 3, 2009


(Started writing this May 3rd, 2009)

Yeah, I don't actually have any arted Seek cards to show you. Sorry. I can tell you what it does, though:

Seek CARDTYPE (While choosing targets as part of casting this, you must chose at least one CARDTYPE if able)

And here are a few sample cards. They all seem to do stuff with creatures.

Hot Hands [1][R]
Seek creature (While choosing targets as part of casting this, you must choose at least one creature if able)
CARDNAME deals 4 damage to target creature or player.

It LIVES [2][B]
Seek land (While choosing targets as part of casting this, you must choose at least one land if able)
Return target creature or land from your graveyard to the battlefield.

I Hate Enchantments So Much [1][W]
Seek enchantment (While choosing targets as part of casting this, you must choose at least one enchantment if able)
Exile target attacking or blocking creature or target enchantment.

Metamorphosis Release Card(s)

(Saved Post #1 - Started writing this July 3rd, 2009)

Guess you found this. Good job!

Original Art:
Desolate Temple 1
Desolate Temple 2
Hillside Falls 1
Hillside Falls 2
Marsh Grotto 1
Marsh Grotto 2
Arid Canyon 1
Arid Canyon 2
Jungle River 1
Jungle River 2