Monday, March 2, 2009

Card of the Day - Aberrant Ephemeron, Scourge of the Sky, Path of Purity, Enforcer of Silence, Wall of Bliss, Nelson's Charm, and River Strider

I really shouldn't be messing around with enchantments. You can get into some deep shit with enchantments. I only did this to show you a white card.

Poor white. I am so terrible at making white cards. It's all weenies and pacifism and lifegain. I put lifelink on fucking everything. So unoriginal. All my really cool stuff ends up in blue and black, and all the powerful stuff ends up in green. Red gets the funny cards and random effects. White gets the shaft. Whenever I have cycles, I never start in white. In fact, the white card is usually just a placeholder to make the cycle complete.

White needs some lovin'.

I typically follow the design code of Wizards of the Coast (as dictated by the great Mark Rosewater) as closely as I can. But my orthodoxy falters when it comes to this sort of effect. Wizard code says that you should only make power/toughness alterers that affect your own guys. They claim that cards like Goblin King confuse newbies when they pump up their opponents' goblins as well. They say that cards like that don't work like people think they should. Fair enough. But I cannot support a universal ban. The lovely chaos introduced by Scourge of the Sky and its ilk is one of the things that makes Magic, in my mind at least, so very fun. Mad Aunties have their place, but so too do Goblin Kings.

Tapping enchantments is such a novelty. I do it far more than I should. But for the longest time, Enchantments just sat there, unmoving. You could play an enchantment and - barring any disenchant effects - you would never have to touch it again. Future Sight changed that. True, people had been technically able to tap enchantments since Odyssey, but the enchantments never did it by themselves. Enchantment tapping is a wonderful bit of design space that Wizards has yet to really tap (ahah hah) into. I'm assuming they're saving it for something special. I sure ain't.

Why yes, I can do this. And at common, too. No, I don't care much about the rules issues. Thank you for your concern. Oh, and did I mention that this sucka' used to be a Crocodile? Yep, Crocodiles were a B/W race that worked on the principle of reverse tribal. Instead of making Crocodiles better, they just made everything else worse. Sadly, they suffered the same fate as the Rana - death by lack of art.

Why does the art have nothing to do with the card? Because it's beautiful, that's why. Quite charming, really.

You will never see most of my favorite mechanics. Merciful, Doublethink, Meld, Scatter, Hive, Twitch, Sunder, Staunch, Flickering, Smite, Oblation, Reclaim, Choler, Scour, Preview, Seek, and Renew will all (with perhaps a few exceptions) remain locked away. Some are unnecessarily wordy (Doublethink, Smite) or complicated (Meld, Sunder). Some I'm just not happy with and only keep around for sentimental reasons (Oblation, Scour). Some are not worth a keyword (Twitch, Hive, Scatter). Choler was my favorite until Shadowmoor came out with the untap symbol that did the exact same thing, only better. The rest are just sitting on cards that I don't like that don't have art.
What does this have to do with bliss-baby here? Wall of Bliss is from a set called Rigor. Rigor is a super-small set (<90 cards) that doesn't bother with foolish things like art or legitimate card names. It has a lower power level than my other sets and works with the Rhystic mechanic. Or rather, tries to make it work. Cotton Wall, the basis for Wall of Bliss, is only a 0/4 and doesn't have any of this "art" nonsense. I just slapped the extra toughness and pretty image on it so you'd be impressed. Sorry.

What the hell, dude. This was white's time to shine. What the hell.

Original Art - Aberrant Ephemeron
Original Art - Scourge of the Sky
Original Art - Path of Purity
Original Art - Enforcer of Silence
Original Art - Wall of Bliss
Original Art - Nelson's Charm
Original Art - River Strider

Yes, the ephemeron's art is by that Izzy. Doesn't it feel so legitimate?


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