Friday, March 27, 2009

[Land Week] Card of the Day - Bustling Port

Bustling Port is too good. Colorless mana is surprisingly hard to use (especially when it's not your turn). The Port will almost always ping when you use it. The occasional mana that ends up in your opponent's lap is an insignificant cost.

EDIT: As of the Magic 2010 rules updates, Bustling Port sucks. If only it added mana of any color instead...

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  1. So, I'm sorry if it's terrifically creepy just how much commentary I'm offering, but I think it's worth mentioning that this land appears pretty much verbatim in the set of symmetrical effects being designed on my board and I rather like it.

    I'm not actually sure it's really overpowered. First off, 20-turn clocks are rarely too good. Second, creatures with activated abilities abound. The only strong downside is that it forces them to play them before end of phase to reap the benefits of free mana.

  2. It's not creepy at all. I actually wish more people would comment. Feedback is much appreciated.

    Creatures with activated abilities are indeed common, but they are typically colored-mana dependent (like firebreathing) or tapping-dependent or both. A 20-turn clock is not particularly scary, but a FREE 20-turn clock that gets you mana definitely is.

    I really like symmetrical effects, and I'd love to see some of your cards if you're willing to show them.

  3. I'm not actually the guy making the symmetry set. He's just in the group of us who are making a pile of 45-card mini-sets to do a draft with.

    The thread about his set is located here:

  4. Share does the exact same thing as scatter.

    Share (When this spell resolves, if it isn't a copy, copy this spell for each opponent. That opponent chooses all modes and targets for the copy.)

    Scatter (When you play this spell, if it’s not a copy, each opponent copies it. They may choose new targets for the copies.)

  5. And now it's pointless because mana burn doesn't exist! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    -Nameless One


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