Thursday, March 5, 2009

Card of the Day - Drakyn

Looks like the mechanic poll is really heating up. And by "heating up" I mean "two more people voted". What's interesting to me is the frequency with which votes change. I was about to write about how it was a five-way tie but I decided to check to make sure and there is again a clear leader. Of course, a single vote has the capacity to completely change the outcome of this poll, so we won't know until the final day which mechanic will claim victory. Isn't it exciting?

Drakyn used to be a 3/1 for [1][R] that couldn't block. He changed to his current form after I decided that I needed more instances of fervor. Cards with fervor often appear to be much better than they actually are and that amuses me.

And yeah, I did kinda take the name from the art. Names are hard!

Original Art

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