Saturday, March 28, 2009

Card of the Day - Rage Infusion and Desmodu Raid

Reclaim is, like so many other mechanics, a form of kicker cost. Reclaim is functionally superfluous because any reclaim card can be made with kicker. Then again, so are entwine and evoke. It's not an issue.

When you play Rage Infusion, you chose whether or not to bounce the two lands. If you do, you copy Rage Infusion and chose a new target for the copy (although it can also target the same creature). The spell and the copy resolve separately, so countering will only affect one of them. You can only reclaim once per spell.

This card should be red. The only reason it's black is because of the art. The critters (called gremlins by the artist) look uncannily like desmodu, bat people in Dungeons and Dragons. They also look uncannily unlike goblins. And there has yet to be a bat printed that wasn't black. Who am I to break that cycle?

A terrible designer, that's who.

Original Art - Rage Infusion
Original Art - Desmodu Raid

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  1. Reclaim reminds me a lot of Sweep from Kamigawa. The difference is sweep told you what lands to pick up and wasn't keyworded. nevertheless, Sweep is awesome. You know what's a great combo? Jhoira of the Ghitu, Armageddon and something that reclaims for a lot. Maybe six or so. Suspend the 'geddon, then the turn before it unsuspends, play the reclaim card and pick up all you lands before every land gets nuked. Then enjoy putting back down lands while everyone else is scrabbling for them.

    -Nameless One (12 Wizards and counting. I've got a soul forge set to Cathartic Adept)


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