Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Card of the Day - Battle Golem and Deep Cogitation

Since scour only cares about sharing one card type, you could net an artifact or a creature with this young... metal person.

No reminder text. You can't pull this shit without a lot of instances of a mechanic in a set at common and uncommon. Even then, you need to be consistent with your other rares. I couldn't have this card in the same set (hell, same block) as another rare with scour that had reminder text.

Original Art - Battle Golem
Original Art - Deep Cogitation


  1. So Deep Cogitation is like that card the Scryes three times? I see why it's rare and expensive.

    And Battle Golem is funny. It just grabs what you want, a creature or an artifact. Fun use of your own mechanic.

  2. It is difficult to compare Scry to Scour. Scry sets up your draws and gets rid of the cards you don't need. Scour can't do that, but it can (sometimes) draw a card. Whichever one is more useful really depends on the situation and the type of deck you're playing.

  3. Ha! Art overlap on the Golem too.

    Formatting on Deep: Generally, multiple keywords get separated by commas. See that dude with double-soulshift.

    Also, I have no idea if that cost is fair. It's probably too good. Counter decks have to pay more than that for card drawing, especially at instant speed. Given the high likelihood that it's just three cards for four mana, you're already above even the Fact or Fiction curve. And that card was amazing.

  4. You're probably right, but it would require playtesting


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