Thursday, March 5, 2009

Land Friday

I am unreasonably proud of this cycle of lands (yes, it is a cycle). They do so much, but the text says so little.
You could have it come into play tapped.
You could (in effect) tap a land to play it.
You could let it die, getting 1 mana before it goes.
Also, since it is both an Island and a Swamp, it opens up all the possibilities that having a land type entails.

If you haven't heard the news about Magic 2010, I suggest you check it out. Here is an excerpt:

"There has been some speculation as to which set of existing dual lands will be in the next core set, and the answer may surprise: none of them. We wanted to make a cycle of powerful dual lands that risk-averse newer players would like, which meant coming up with something that didn't involve losing life. Sorry, painlands, fetchlands, and Ravnica duals. Trust me, the new ones are awesome!"

I hope that the new lands are something like this. I don't believe it is quite as useful as the painlands or Ravnica duals, but if printed (at uncommon) it would certainly be a lot cheaper. And I'm not talking about mana cost or power level. I'm talking about dollars or, ideally, cents.
It is unlikely that the new lands will be like Shardcrown Fortress, but stranger things have happened before and Wizards is in the habit of stealing my ideas. We'll see.

NOTA BENE: Wizards of the Coast is actually incapable of "stealing" my card ideas as I have no copyright for them and no intention of getting one. Anybody and everybody is free to use the cards I have posted here (or the mechanics/ideas behind them) for whatever purpose they please although if they intend to use any card on this site for commercial purposes, they should to talk to the artist first. Links to the original art (and, from there, the artist's DeviantArt account) are very conveniently located at the bottom of any post that involves fake cards. Hey, look! There's one right down there!

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  1. Hooray! someone has finally acknowledged the fact that the cards they make belong to them only nominally.

    And I love this land. It's a dual rupture spire, which is what a lot of people are predicting for 2010.


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