Sunday, March 8, 2009

Card of the Day - Liquify and Tie to Infinity

Exciting times. The people (all eight of 'em) are speaking, and they will be heard. Or, if the current poll results are any guide, about three of them will.

Portend was originally a joke mechanic, until I realized it wasn't funny.

That was a joke right there.

Hah hah.

You can stop laughing now.

Portend was originally I SAID STOP LAUGHING a joke mechanic but I realized that it wasn't needlessly complex and didn't pose the rule issues that a lot of my other joke mechanics did. I did cap the turn at three, though. After that, it just becomes too difficult to keep track of. I've fooled around with portend some, but free cards are spooky and I try to steer clear of them.

This is the kind of card I really like designing. You can play it on turn two, but it's worse then. There is no text on the card that says this, but you are not likely to have many good targets for it. Unless your opponent's playing aggro.
Note that the art is unacceptable because it contains a modern city. I am so ashamed.

Big-Ass Demon isn't a card. It is an example of what not to do with portend.

Original Art - Liquify
Original Art - Tie to Infinity
Original Art - Big-Ass Demon

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