Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Card of the Day - Darkskull Expedition

This is the card for Monday, March 30. Excuses merely encourage further misbehavior, so I won't give any.

Lotsa black token-making lately.

Original Art


  1. More splashable than Spectral Procession, I'll grant, but this still seems almost needlessly penalizing?

    Also, tiny tiny ogres. Killed by walking sponges, they get.

  2. This card is more comparable to Serpent Warrior than to Spectral Procession.

    Don't be rude about my ogres. Ogres have feelings too.

  3. But such tiny feelings.

    I /care/ about the ogres, you see. They wish that they could tango with their friend gray ogre without him eating them for breakfast. They feel sad when a lone Mogg Fanatic manages to whipe two trained ogre warriors in a day's work.

    I guess I can see Serpent Warrior in there. Of course, that was also an amazingly bad card.

  4. I agree that the ogres are underpowered, flavorwise. If you changed it to two 2/2 ogres, then it would make sense and be more cost appropriate. I'd pay three life for two 2/2s.

    -Nameless One (One wizard. But it's Oona, Queen of the Fae, so I'm ok with that.)

  5. Grey Ogre is not much for dancing. And the warriors' training mostly consisted of getting hit by ogres bigger than them. Given that they're 1/1s, that's most ogres.


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