Friday, July 10, 2009

It's All Aesthetics, Really

Just finished looking through M10 on gatherer. Some thoughts on cards:

Centaur Courser - The art is pretty cool, but it should still be a Nessian.
Deathmark - Like the art, especially the black mana symbol where the pupil should be. Is this the first time a mana symbol has shown up in card artwork?
Doom Blade - Like the art, still don't like the name.
Excommunicate - The old flavor text was better and would still fit in M10. They should have kept it.
Fabricate & Rod of Ruin - Saldrath is really good at magic.
Flashfreeze - Love the flavor text
Illusionary Servent - Really like the art
Lifelink - What is going on here?
Manabarbs - Kamahl knows what's up. No legendaries in M10, it seems.
Mind Control - This art is terrible.
Naturalize - They should have used the Shards of Alara art. It was better.
Ornithopter - Like the art. The flavor text isn't new, but it seems oddly appropriate.
Ponder - Like the new art except for the face.
Prodigial Pyromancer - Uncommon now. Is it just me, or does the text seem a little bolder on M10 cards than on their Tenth Edition versions?
Serpent of the Endless Sea - Really like the art. The name seems like something Shore Snapper would come up with.
Sign in Blood - Love the art, love the card. I want to see someone lose to this thing.
Time Warp - LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! In the water? I don't understand.
Unsummon - Why does this Esperite only have four fingers? That bugs me so much. It's like how Suntail Hawk has four legs for some reason.
Veteran Armorsmith & Veteran Weaponsmith - I like cards that share art, especially when that art is good.
Weakness - Rude
Whispersilk Cloak - Like the art
Wind Drake - Hate the art

That is all.

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