Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Blast of Thought, Cyborg Necromancer

Hello again and welcome to day three of Wizard Week. Today, we will again be discussing what wizards do. Surprisingly, they deal damage. Prodigal Sorcerer for example. Like this card:
Yes, it does count everyone's cards. So if Maralynn of the Mornsong is in play, this card is totally worthless. So what do they do if you give them a card they can't use in time? They discard it. And guess who's happy when they do that? This guy:
This creature is my zombie wizard tribal leader. I use him with Lich Lord of Unx to make hoards of zombies and wizards. And they're all bigger. And then, Blast of thought will also give you a zombie. Genius!

Tomorrow, a new keyword (psudeo) and the color Wizards usually don't appear in!

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