Saturday, August 15, 2009

Metamorphosis Prerelease Card(s)

I promised a special treat. I lied.

Metamorphosis has been going on for a while, hasn't it? Quite a few cards. Quite a few. There have been a couple from Al's set, a couple from Nameless One's set, a couple from Shore Snapper's set, a couple from Utopia, but many more from Metamorphosis. About time we found out what the prerelease card is, no? Or, rather, the five prerelease cards. Remember that cycle of dual lands from Multiverse? Well, turns out they're in Metamorphosis now. Also, they are the prerelease cards.

This is a terrible idea, by the way. Either event coordinators would have to pass out a copy of each to every person or they would have to find some way of determining which to give to each person. Put them all in a bag and draw one out? There'd be disappointment there, maybe a bit of feeling cheated, if you didn't get the one you want. Disappointment is a terrible thing for a prerelease card to be associated with.

Regardless, here are the cards:

Familiar, no?

Hey, new art! Snazzy!



I'm actually somewhat sleepy.

Still, these are pretty cool.

My least favorite art and least favorite name of the originals.

My least favorite art and least favorite name of the new ones.

So much better than Hermit's Hovel.

Eh. This one isn't great, but at least it's not Jungle Ravine. It was a little tricky to find art to match the name.

Original Art:
Placid Canal 1
Placid Canal 2
Shardcrown Lair 1
Shardcrown Lair 2
Bandit Camp 1
Bandit Camp 2
Jungle Ravine 1
Jungle Ravine 2
Hermitage 1
Hermitage 2

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  1. Yeah, this would be ridiculously complicated to do. The best thing would be to give one of each out to everyone, and even then that's a terrible idea, since the resale value would drop like a lead balloon.

    I think that's why Wizards just does one mythic and one rare creature.

    I like your idea of coming up with what your prerelease cards would be, though.


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