Monday, August 3, 2009

Card of the Day - Manifesting Dreambeast

There have not been cards for many days. I do not understand this! The absence of cards is not a thing that many people would expect when there are also a great many names that call themselves a card of the day. I am saddened. Grell is a human that I try with to have respect for despite his lack of fearsome claws and scaly skin but I am not able to hold respect for him when the behavior he has is a thing that would result in immediate and gruesome death in Grixis. The death would be for him! But I am an ally who is helpful and I am able to perform kindnesses for Grell with a card. I am also an ally who is hungry but Grell says many things like do not do that and spit that out and I'm so ashamed I thought you knew better when I am trying to sate the great ravenousness that I have at some times and I usually listen to him so my hunger remains. I do not understand. We are meant to eat humans. For what other reason would they be constructed primarily of meat?

Original Art


  1. It's a nightmare that gives nothing back. Interesting. Kind of reminds me of a Wormfang...something without the extra turn. Wormfang Manta I think.

    -Nameless One


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