Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Thaumic-Control Adept, Thaumic Academy

Hey, folks, it's Nameless One again! Today, we're going to be going into greater depth as to what Wizards like to do. Through my research, I've found that Wizards like to do tapping/untapping (Aphetto Grifter, Fatesticher, Aphetto Alchemist), countering spells (Patron Wizard, Disruptive Pitmage/Student), Drawing cards and other blue things. They're, in essential, the blue class. Here's my personal wizard counterspell:
Yeah, he does cost the same as Patron Wizard, but with one less blue and Champion. I've discovered from Lorwyn/Morningtide that champion allows you to make ridiculous cards, like...oh, I dunno....Lightning Crafter? Yeah. Pretty much. The thing I love most about this card is that it actually gives you a use for the Scornful Egotist, a 1/1 for 8 with morph for one blue. A counterspell that says pay 8? Now there's something I can sink my teeth into. Now for the other thing that wizards have a tendency to do:

Yes, Wizards become unblockable. And with the Thaumic-Control Adept, this land is also a Nix, which could be useful in the current environment, what with cascade and such. There's three wizards with unconditional unblockable and three more that make things unblockable. The Cephalid Pathmage in fact has unconditional unblockable and can make things unblockable. Pretty awesome. Anyway, it's also a pump for your Nameless One or Nameless One X and a count for your Ixidor's Will. The unblockable may be costed a little too high, but meh. It breaks the rules of Magic.

Anyway, that's it for day two of Wizards Week! Stay tuned tomorrow for more things Wizards do!

Original Art:
Thaumic-Control Adept
Thaumic Academy

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