Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Have a Theory

Hagra Diabolist is That Guy. Prove me wrong:

what a tool


  1. I dunno. Is he that fat asshole who oozes into your seat on the plane, or that douchebag who cuts you off in traffic?

  2. Every single instance possible. He's also the guy who calls you on reorganizing your graveyard. He's the guy who shouts 'shotgun!' right as you sit down and makes a huge deal about it if you don't get out of the seat. He's the guy who keeps hentai cards in the back of his binder. He's the guy who eats all the M&Ms out of the trail mix before anybody else has any. He's the guy who looks at all the apples in the supermarket, runs his sweaty hands over all of them searching for imperfections and in the end doesn't buy any. He's the guy who goes into a Barnes & Noble, takes a book off one of the shelves, reads the whole thing, then leaves it lying on the ground and walks away. He's the guy who asks for a sip of your Coke then drinks half the bottle. He's the guy who drinks half your Coke without even asking. He's the guy who pulls all of your clothes out of the public dryer and leaves them on the floor to make room for his own. He's a clueless asshole who doesn't know any better. He doesn't understand why everyone dislikes him. He'd be pitiable if he wasn't such a jerk.

    Hagra Diabolist is That Guy.

    This comment brought to you by The Coca-Cola Company; Barnes & Nobles booksellers, inc; and Mars, Incorporated.

  3. He does seem to be That Guy. Except that he's kind of useful, unlike That Guy.

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