Monday, July 6, 2009

[Wizard Week] Card of the Day- Nameless One X

Hey, loyal readers! Welcome to the first day of Wizard week, where I'll be posting wizard themed cards and discussing wizardly stuff. Here's the card for today:Yes, it is yours truly in an epic evolved form. The evolution keyword is to allow you to upgrade your creatures when they've been on the field for a while. I'm thinking about doing a Krosan Beast style thing with one of them...anyway. Wizards are spellcasters and they're in blue. Naturally, this means they fiddle about with unblockablity, either by flying, fear or just straight unblockable, as well as counterspells. We'll be getting to the cards that epitomize those tomorrow.

Now, back to this card. Nameless One was one of a cycle of Avatars from Onslaught block, which also included Heedless One, Doubtless One, Reckless One and Soulless One. They each had their own mechanics as well as the tribal counting and you know what the Nameless One got? Well, let's go through the others first. Heedless got trample, Reckless got haste, Doubtless got lifelink, and Soulless got the ability to count zombies in the graveyard as well. And Nameless got morph. Boring. Personally, I think it should've had flying. But, since I can't rewrite history, I simply created the evolved form of Nameless One. Yes, adding X onto the end of something's name means it has evolved. Instead of morph, it has evolution. It also costs slightly more, but it's worth it for what you get. If you've got an Evolved Nameless One X and two wizards, say two Cathartic Adepts, you've got two 1/1s and a 5/5 flying first striker. Now that obviously raises the question of how you got the Nameless One to evolve in the first place, but never mind that. I plan to play around more with evolution, since it can be an enjoyable mechanic.

Anyway, enough about me. See you guys tomorrow for day 2 of Wizard Week!

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  1. I like the card, but I have a few issues with the wording. I feel that the reminder text for evolution would work better as "(Tap five untapped Wizards you control: Put an evolution counter on this creature.)" That does mean that "Tap five untapped Wizards you control" would show up twice on Nameless One X, but it keeps evolution more in line with past abilities. Costs are payed while casting a spell. Things like evolution and regeneration are abilities must be activated.

    Nameless One X's final ability's wording needs some work as well. Here's what I think it should be:

    "As long as Nameless One X has an evolution counter on it, it gets +2/+2 and has flying and first strike."

    Abilities that check for things like counters, colors, threshold, etc. say "as long as." "If" is typically used only on additional costs, like kicker and entwine. A creature "gets" bonuses or penalties to power and toughness. A creature "gains" or "has" abilities (except for things like indestructible and unblockable, which a creature "becomes" or "is").

    Subtypes (E.x. Aura, Arcane, & Wizard) and names get capitalized on cards. You've got the name thing down well you need to work on subtypes.

    First strike bugs me on this card. It's not a blue ability, and giving Nameless One X a second ability when evolved makes it much more difficult to spin a cycle out of it. And I feel like without first strike, Mr. X could probably be dropped down to costing [2][U][U]. He's legendary, he's rare, he'd cost double blue, he doesn't get pumped by as many creatures as the original, and the original was never that gamebreaking anyway. Even with his current cost and abilities, he's a good reward for going tribal and would be the instigator of quite a few Wizard decks.

    All in all, an excellent start to Wizard Week. Well done.

  2. Ok, wording corrected. I just had to figure out how to do it.

    I agree with your comment about the wording on the last ability, however.

    Oh yeah, I said you control, didn't I. Well, I felt like I had to balance him and I was completely in Lorwyn mode with my wording. I'm going to cut the first strike but change the wording to the original wording. Hmmmm...that bothers me though...Flying and his original wording seems too powerful...none of the others had flat evasion...the Heedless One had trample...Hmmmmm...I think I'll leave the current wording on it and do the same for the rest of the One X cycle.


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