Sunday, July 5, 2009

Card(s) of the Day: Death to all Defilers, Forked Lightning

Al Capone here, with my first crack at Card of the Day. For your viewing pleasure.

I except this card to be treated with all seriousness.


This one is clearly a bit more serious. Yes, it's very, very similar to Pulse of the Forge (Mirrodin) in terms of cost, effect and mechanic. However, it speeds up the process, going straight to evening the life totals instead of recurring the 4 damage until you're higher. The result is a more elegant equalizing of life totals.

Original Art: Death to all Defilers

Original Art: Forked Lightning


  1. I dunno, if they ever make a nonbeliever creature type this could be a beating.

    Forked Lightning is interesting, but basically says "target player's life becomes equal to yours" unless they have some repeatable damage prevention. And even then they'll need a counterspell to shut it off completely. It's intriguing and could be fun. Nice card.

  2. Death to All Defilers is a good joke card, and I like the art a lot. Nameless One is right about Forked Lightning, though, and I feel its mana cost should be higher.

    Also, you need to make a set symbol and to put the name of the artist on the actual cards. Get on that.

  3. Of course, it's very important to note that I take Death to All Defilers VERY seriously and I assure you that no nonbelievers will be regenerated on my watch.

  4. If it said "target player's life total becomes equal to yours" it wouldn't be very red, would it. Also, it could gain them life, whereas this is always going to deal at least 1.


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