Saturday, April 25, 2009

Color Critique - Thraximundar

All right. It's the moment we've all been waiting for. The moment in which I complain about cards. Yeah! I've invited my pal Thraximundar along for the occasion.

Haste - Red. Secondary in green. Rarely black.
Making your opponent(s) sacrifice things - Black. Sometimes red.
Getting bigger when creatures die - Red, black, green.

Nothing about Thraximundar makes him blue. Not even his creature types. He should be black/red. If you absolutely need a third color for him, it should be green.

Thraximundar bugs me more than poorly-colored cards usually do. This is because he is so obviously a Jund card. Making your opponent sacrifice creatures is more of a Grixis ability, true, but caring about when anybody sacrifices creatures is so Jund it hurts (NOTA BENE: All Jund things hurt. It's one of their identifying features).

This is how Thraximundar should have looked:

Oh, and I also changed his creature type. A 6/6 (or bigger) creature that charges headlong into combat has no business calling itself an assassin. His story is that he's Malfegor's head general or some such nonsense. That being so, he should really be a warrior or soldier or something. I made him a rogue because if he was a warrior his creature type text would be too close to his set symbol and it would look bad.

Speaking of the set symbol...

That's how ya make it. Use the points tool to get the hand + thumb the way you want it then do the same for a finger (you'll need to create a new rectangle first). Once you have the first finger done, you can use the duplicator to get three more the same shape and facing the same direction. Just resize them and you're golden.

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  1. He should've been a zombie berserker, in my opinion. If you read the flavor article.

    -Heedless One


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