Thursday, April 2, 2009

Card of the Day - Deepwood Cultist

Something to do with all those tokens you've been making. You have been making tokens, right?

I can understand if you haven't. Now that the Alara Reborn spoilers have begun (albeit not officially), fake cards just can't compare. In fact, I'm thinking of temporarily suspending the Card of the Day feature until after the Prerelease (the 26th). Or maybe I'll just make multicolor cards, in honor of a possibly all-multicolor set.

Original Art


  1. Tell me about it. Those new cards are making my head explode. Especially that new mill guy. My friends are actually making plans to keep all copies of it away from me.

  2. This card is horribly, horribly overpowered. My friend could do this in 2 turns. The card is Mycoloth. Also, the Sunstrike Legionnaire/Presence of Gond infinite token combo deck could use this to win in one turn. Sacing creatures to do abilities this powerful is just too easy.

    -Nameless One (8 Wizards)

  3. Compare it to Epic Struggle. It's cheaper, more versatile, and you can win at any point (not just during your upkeep). Also, you can sac it to itself, so you really only need 19.


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