Sunday, April 19, 2009

Card of the Day - Thundercloud Hawk

The brief but bountiful break behind us, we're back in business and boy are we Byzantine.

Flash - Blue/green. Rarely white.
Flying - Blue, then white, then black. Red for dragons and such like.
Haste - Red. Secondary in green. Rarely black.
Sacrifice at a certain time - Red. Rarely black. Sacrificing when it attacks or blocks is blue.

Thundercloud Hawk could be justified as green/blue or even black/green. Without haste, it could be mono-blue. But its current form works best in blue and red.

I'm particularly pleased with this card. Combining flash with spark elemental-ness lets you do some nifty stuff. I also feel an irrational attachment to "end of phase" effects.

Original Art


  1. It screams "I'm a Hell's thunder, but I pop out when your opponent least expects it, rather than digging myself up!"

    Wait a minute, just noticed the "your" part of the combat phase. with the flash, if it survives the combat step, it can be better than the Hell's thunder or spark elemental, since it can survive indefinitely if you choose not to enter the combat step. Well done.

    -Nameless One (Meedling Mage, Aven Mimeomancer, Lich Lord of Unx(Yes!), Quasali Pridemage, Sages of the Anima, Sen Triplets(Yes!))(all in all, six wizards. Yes, Alara reborn looks awesome.)

  2. Even without going through the effort of skipping your combat phase, you can still flash the bird in as a surprise blocker and then get in a swing before he cans it. In ideal conditions, he works like a spell that does four to a creature and four to a player - a great deal for just three mana.


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