Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Card of the Day - Deepcavern Squid

I know that normally I spend two days on each of the winning keywords, but I really dislike smite. So, instead, squid!

Look at it go.

Original Art


  1. It's kind of...fail. Moderately fail, but still somewhat fail. Unless you've got heartstones, that pump ability isn't going to be used. Or a ****load of mana. But you don't do inifinite mana in blue for the most part. And the evasion is [i]horribly[/i] limited. It'd be decent in limited, though.

    Judging by your comment at the end, you intended it to moderately suck. In which case, congrats.

    -Nameless One (Three wizards, but all of them are pacified...)

  2. Pacify? No need. They probably can't block this bad boy anyway.

  3. No, no, the thing after my name simply is an indicator of how I'm feeling. Yesterday I was feeling decent, but lethargic.

    -Nameless One (No wizards...and the opponent's holding a terror.)


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