Friday, April 24, 2009

Card of the Day - Mysticism's End

Artifact destruction - Red and green
Enchantment destruction - Green and white
Mass artifact destruction - Red and white. Rarely green.
Mass enchantment destruction - White. Rarely green.

Mysticism's End should be white. It can get by without red and green, but it's probably better to include at least one of them. Including both is fine.

Originally I had this card in Bant, not Naya. Instead of destroying all artifacts and enchantments, it worked as a kind of mass Deglamer. I kept fiddling with it, trying to find ways to make it fit all colors. Eventually I just ran it through the color critique shown above and realized that I had it all wrong. I was trying to force a Purify into a color it didn't belong in.

Those poor Esperites.

Original Art

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