Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Card of the Day - Spirit of Nature

EDIT: Aaaaah fuck. This card was originally called Force of Nature. Unfortunately, as Nameless One pointed out in the comments, this name is taken. I should probably check that sort of thing myself. This is pretty disappointing. I was really pleased with the name and I made all sorts allusions to the Scout from Team Fortress 2 (who is also a force of nature). This new name is a placeholder, and it sucks.

EDIT: This is what I originally had for when the card was a Force instead of a Spirit. I like it better than any new stuff I was able to think up, so I'm keeping it, even if it isn't entirely true any more.

Is anybody keeping track of his heads batted in? They should be.

Flying - Blue then white then black. Red for dragons and shit.
Trample - Green. Secondary in red.
Haste - Red. Secondary in green. Rarely black.
Bein' basically kinda a big deal - Red or blu.

The Force of Nature is fairly simple to place, color-wise. Red is mandatory and green is practically a given. He needs an extra color for flying but any of the three remaining could work for that. I initially chose blue, but I shifted it to white so he would fit in one of the shards. It's worth noting that if the Force of Nature was a dragon, he would only need one color - red.

I never considered turning him into a dragon, but the urge to make him a scout is almost overpowering. I mean, come on! He's a friggin' blur! He's running circles around you!

On an unrelated note, the full Alara Reborn Spoiler is up.

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  1. Since this seems to end up being my job, Force of Nature is already the name of a card. Sorry.

    And It is an incredibly cool card. I'd put it in my Naya aggro deck if you made it a beast.

    And I like the mill cards. Lich Lord of Unx, Nemesis of Reason, and Mind Funeral. can't believe that last one is uncommon...

    -Nameless One (Lots of Zombie Wizards)


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