Sunday, April 26, 2009

Card of the Day - Brood Hydra

Now that Alara Reborn is finally (pre)released, I don't feel the need to show only multicolor cards any more (or to color critique every card I show). This is the last one. Starting tomorrow, there'll be a new theme week. It will be just like Land Week except without any land.

Power/toughness tied to number of something - All colors. Frequently tied to that something's main color. For hydras, that's red (although green is secondary).
Token generation - All colors. Most common in green, then white, then black and red (about even), then blue.
Card drawing - Blue, then green.
Sacrificing things to draw cards - All colors, but particularly green/blue/black.

Brood Hydra should probably just be green, but blue is excusable.

Original Art


  1. Reminds me of the Lich Lord of Unx...sort of. Maybe a hybrid of Soulless one and Lich Lord of Unx. Not a bad card, especially since you can use it to cheat a progenitus into play fairly easily.

    Yay Hydra Tribal.

    -Nameless One

  2. Uh... There are no Progenitus shenanigans here. Brood Hydra only makes tokens.

  3. Yup. Use Cryptic Gateway and tap two hydra tokens to pop a Progenitus into play. Hah! No progenitus shenanigans indeed...

    -Nameless One


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