Friday, July 3, 2009

Land Friday Postponed

Oh bugger. MSE ain't workin' properly. See, all those cards I just put up were saved on this site already and now I can't get Magic Set Editor to open. I'll get today's land up as soon as I can to placate the desperate Land Friday fanatics (of which there are no doubt many). In the meantime, I'll introduce Al Capone, the newest Ancient Byzantine Engineer. You may already know him as Frank Sinatra. He's gonna be raving about his so-called amazing 3-0 draft deck and posting a card tomorrow while I'm in Utopia (again).

I went 3-0 in drafts before it was cool.

EDIT: Al has fallen victim to one of the many traps blogger likes to set up. See, posts show up on the time and date that you start writing them, not when you actually post them. To illustrate this, I'm going to start three now and post them whenever the whim strikes me (i.e. whenever I remember). All three will show up as if they've been posted today, be we know better, don't we?

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