Friday, July 3, 2009

Card of the Day(s) - Guide of the Wasted Realms, Curse of Camon, Heiml's Hand, Mountain Lion

I am returned, albeit briefly. I've spent pretty much the whole week at UT orientation and when I got back my computer decided to die on me, so updates have been even less usual than usual. I tried putting the cards up in the edit posts section of this site and having Draco post them but for some reason it didn't work. Whatever that reason may be, here's what you missed from Tuesday:

Not a whole lot here. Black/Red does colorless. Not a whole lot of innovation, and not a great name.

Well, that's something. A couple of other lace concepts I thought about:

-Lace with indestructible (too powerful, and the easiest check on power level -high mana cost- doesn't matter on lace cards)
-Lace with unblockable (same deal as indestructible, and having unblockable enchantments doesn't make much sense)
-Lace with basic (no practical application as lace doesn't work on lands)
-Lace with snow (kinda nifty, and I probably should have done it instead of legendary)
-Lace with delicious (too powerful)

The Guide and the Curse share the same original artwork.

Now here's Wednesday's card:

Heiml's a forest spirit.

And now the card for today:

I don't think spirits talk like that. This was from back when Barlem was human.

Original Art - Guide of the Wasted Realms & Curse of Camon
Original Art - Heiml's Hand
Original Art - Mountain Lion


  1. Lace with colorless seems kind of pointless in my opinion, but someone could probably find a use for it. However, lace with legendary and lace with snow are cool and such effects have appeared elsewhere, although the only ones that come to mind are Leyline of Singularity.

    Heiml's Hand is, I think, too good. Compare to Kodama's Reach from Champions of Kamigawa. That gets you two BASIC lands, one into play tapped and one in your hand. This gets you one forest, any forest (sapseep forest, temple garden, etc.) and any other basic land and puts them both into play tapped. For one more mana. Sorry dude, but I'm afraid that this one seems to be a bit too good, unless you can point out something I missed.

    Mountain Cat's pretty good. Reminds me of Incurable Ogre, except with first strike. And only if you control three or more mountains. Very good.

    -Nameless One

  2. Explosive Vegetation? Mwonvuli Acid-Moss?

    The deal with mana acceleration is that it's just that - acceleration. You need to play it early for it to be effective. This card would maybe find a place in certain decks, but Kodama's Reach (just because you can play it turn 3 instead of turn 4) gets my vote as the better choice.

  3. Ok, you've got a point with Vegetation, but that still says basic with both and costs the same. It might work better if you put another green in the cost instead of a colorless. The acid moss costs 2 and 2 green.

    -Nameless One

  4. Acid Moss was okay with two green because it pushed for a more green-centric deck. Making Heiml's hand cost [3][G] keeps it more in line with previous Rampant Growth-esque cards and makes it work better in multicolor decks. I'm not so convinced that its power level dictates a switch to [2][G][G] and I don't see that many other reasons for such a switch.


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