Thursday, July 2, 2009

Card of the Day- Edicts

Hey, Sports fans...Wait, wait, wrong blog. Hey, loyal readers, it's Nameless One back once again, filling in for Grell. I heard that he was having computer problems, so here I am, desperately attempting to fill his space once again.

Today I bring you my cycle of mythic rare sorceries, based on the Ultimatums from Shards. I call them...Edicts. Sound cool huh? Well, let's start with the white edict.
The white edict is like Akroma's Vengence on awesome. All the edicts cost 5 and 3 (their color). I'm not sure if they're costed high enough for their effects, but I did my best.

The blue edict is a combination of Bribery and Blatant Thievery with some awesome thrown into the mix. It's probably broken, but meh. Costs eight.

The black edict. It's like Diabolic Edict, with a strong dose of steroids. It's what black's all about, rolled up into one card. It's the least synergetic edict, in my opinion, but the edicts are all about clearing the field. It's a theme.
The red edict. Of course, it blows things up and then deals damage to people. It's also the edict I'm somewhat uncomfortable with, since it's questionable whether its effect is in the correct color, since red is usually damage based board sweeping.

This is the odd ball edict. It's the only edict that doesn't benefit significantly from multiplayer and also the only edict that doesn't destroy large quantities of stuff. Or clear the board in some way, anyway. It's also another one that I'm questionable with the power to cost ratio.

So yeah. Buncha powerful sorceries that benefit from multiplayer and will (hopefully) win you the game. Let's hear those comments!

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