Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well How About That?

Frank and I went drafting. I went 3-0. My deck was the most bomb-tastic thing I've ever made in limited.

1 Blitz Hellion
1 Carrion Thrash
1 Charnelhoard Wurm
1 Deadshot Minotaur
1 Deathbringer Thoctar
1 Ember Weaver
1 Gorger Wurm
1 Hissing Iguanar
1 Igneous Pouncer
1 Incurable Ogre
1 Jund Battlemage
1 Jungle Weaver
1 Madrush Cyclops
1 Naya Hushblade
1 Putrid Leech
1 Valley Rannet
1 Wild Leotau
1 Wild Nacatl

Non-Critter Spells(5):
1 Branching Bolt
1 Magma Spray
1 Might of New Alara
1 Sigil of Distinction
1 Yoke of the Damned

7 Forest
5 Mountain
4 Swamp
1 Veinfire Borderpost

This deck was so full of good stuff, it would be hard to pick out an MVP. So instead I'll pick out the LVP:

Not impressed

This gal is my least favorite goldblade. I am not looking for shroud on a 3/2. I am looking for deathtouch or flying or first strike or haste or something useful. Shroud is for things that I actually care about enough to protect (i.e. Deathbringer Thoctar). Naya Hushblade is so expendable it hurts. She's only fooling herself.

You know what's not fooling itself? Sigil of Distinction. That is the sort of card that I want to see in my first pack. There are few cards indeed in Shards of Alara that I would pick over it, and the majority of them are planeswalkers. The Sigil is fantastic.

Round 1 (vs. Bant/Naya)
Game 1 my opponent play creatures. I play better creatures, drop a Sigil of Distinction, and beat him to death.
Game 2 I keep a bad hand, thinking my Branching Bolt can deal with anything. It can't deal with a turn three Wooly Thoctar. I never recover.
Game 3 goes much the same as the first. My creatures are more powerful than my opponents and I beat him to death (without a Sigil this time).

Round 2 (vs. Jund)
Game 1 Necrogenesis nets my opponent a lot of saprolings and he kills my Deathbringer Thoctar (the anti-saproling) before it can go off. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't draw any answers to my creatures and the saprolings can't hold them off forever.
Game 2 I get manascrewed. I almost recover, but almost doesn't cut it.
Game 3 He gets manascrewed. It's a bloodbath.

Round 3 (vs. Bant)
Game 1 my opponent drops a lot of fliers and an Algae Gharial that grows beyond the range I can deal with. Fliers are a problem. A terminal one, apparantly.
Game 2 he drops Gwafa Hazid and starts bribing my creatures. I draw more, including Madrush Cyclops, and he can't bribe them fast enough. Hazid seems like a good way to end a stalemate, but the game wasn't a stalemate. The game was me winning, and he didn't stop that.
Game 3 he gets a fast start with Aerie Mystics, Battlegrace Angel, Steward of Valeron, and Nacatl Savage. I topdeck a forest on turn five, just in time to land Yoke of the Damned and Branching Bolt, destroying everything except the Savage (he was tapped out and couldn't give his guys shroud). The game turns into a stalemate with me at 10 life and him at 28. I kill his 6/6 Algae Gharial by casting Might of Alara on my Gorger Wurm, drop Charnelhoard Wurm, and win.

I got a Friday Night Magic Mulldrifter. It's pretty nice.

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  1. That is pretty Bomb-tastic. I went to an FMN and got destroyed, but drafting would probably go better. I'm going to a sealed deck tournament tomorrow. Dunno if they give prizes out, but it'll be fun regardless.


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