Sunday, June 28, 2009

Card of the Day - Ash Fiend, Numb with Regret, Smog Ruach

Congratulations to lace, the winner of the eighth keyword poll. We're all very proud.

Just so you know, you don't have to vote for the mechanic that's winning. There are other options. Speaking of options, there are two new keywords to choose from - Flourish (which I didn't include in any of the previous polls because I thought I'd already posted a card that had it) and Omit (one of Nameless One's keywords). Get voting.

Lace takes its name (and its function) from the cycle of laces in Alpha. I'm not quite sure what happens if you have two lace cards for different colors in your graveyard. Something exciting, no doubt.

I feel like lace would have been pretty good in Shadowmoor, with its color-matters ideas and its graveyard hate. Keep in mind that Numb with Regret doesn't go to your graveyard until after it resolves, and anyway its target has to be a white creature when you cast it.

Smog Ruach likes being around any cards that change his color, including lace cards. He and Ash Fiend are practically best buds.

Original Art - Ash Fiend
Original Art - Numb with Regret
Original Art - Smog Ruach

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  1. These are pretty awesome. I'll have to get to work on some more omit cards, since it's up there as an option.

    I love this as an idea. And I imagine if they're both in the graveyard, they're both colors. That's pretty neat and useful. And not just shadowmoor. Shards block too has many cards that care about colors, like Bloodhall Ooze.

    -Nameless One


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