Saturday, June 6, 2009

Card of the Day- Nightzone

Hey readers! It's me, Nameless One! I have taken over the blog!

Nah, just kidding, I'm just on the team now. Here's my first card: Nightzone.

It's quite useful in a mono-black deck where you're running a lot of non-basic lands that produce colorless mana when you need black mana. For example, in my zombie deck, I'd put night counters on my Unholy Grottos for when I don't need to bring stuff back.

Awright, that's it for today. See you guys around!

Original Art


  1. This is a good card but you must also have one that is the same and works only for islands.

  2. Awesome card. A bit complex for a common, but not overpowered.

  3. There will be, Snapper-san. I forgot to mention that I was considering making a cycle of these. And it wouldn't just work for islands, it would make lands make blue mana.

    Thanks, Grell-san. I was considering making it uncommon, but I had too many already.


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