Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Card of the Day - Armageddon Herd

I'm not sure if the Herd needs an "if you control it" clause in its second ability or if that's implied. This card isn't meant to be like a Desolation Angel; if you destroy your opponents' lands, you shouldn't get to keep the creature.

Original Art


  1. This guy amuses me. You hand off this rather large dude to someone and nuke their lands. Hopefully you've got some blockers or else this guy'll break your face. You'll definately have to play around him...maybe some mana elves or artifacts...and some big defenders. Maybe Naya colors since white has some decently sized walls.

    -Nameless One

  2. So, you are aware that you can stack his trigger, float the mana, and pull off an Armaggeddon for 5, right?

  3. That's sort of the idea. Your opponent does get a 4/4 critter out of the deal, though.


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