Thursday, June 25, 2009

Card of the Day - Dread Immolation

Grell has been not a good person with putting cards up every day. I do not understand him! Why does he fail at his task and come crying to Shore Snapper in a moment of weakness, asking for protection? This is foolish behavior and on Grixis he would have been made into a tasty meal for my hungry stomach! But then I think that he has a trick, for nobody could be so foolish as to approach me asking for help. I will be going along with his plan for this reason until his soft underbelly is exposed and the feast can begin. Hah hah! It is a joke and is not something that I mean seriously. The use of tricks at this time is not a thing that will be appreciated.

Original Art


  1. Why not "would be put into a graveyard this turn" instead? That's the wording usually used, such as on incinerate and it sounds more elegant.

  2. I agree with Maff on the wording. I see what you're trying to do, but in my opinion it doesn't fit with the flavor. They're being burned by a horrible giant fireball. That would not explain why they're being annihilated the second they try to run. I like how this is costed (compared it to Shivan Meteor.)and I love the effect. Again, I question the "You try to escape, you go boom!" thing...maybe provide some flavor explanation for it. Or maybe you just misworded it, but I strongly doubt that, knowing your style.

    -Nameless One

  3. Style? Snapper has no style. He probably just used that wording because that's the way unearth is worded.

  4. The words of Grell do not even have the meaning of a broken eyeball except for the part where his words mention unearth. Also I am a being of distinction and excellence and it would be the beginning of a sad day if a card that I made did not have these qualities in addition. The way of wording that you mention was considered but it fell victim to the disappointment that is great and also fearsome! It was mine.


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