Saturday, June 13, 2009

Card of the Day- Flash of Thought

Hey, loyal ABW fans! It's me, Nameless One, once again taking over the blog for my own. In fact, for the whole weekend! Man, I feel important.

Anyway, onto the card of the day. Flash of Thought looks like kind of a redundant card, right? Wrong. You can either pay 2 and a blue to draw two cards, or pay 2 and a blue to draw one card, but it'll be uncounterable and trigger cycling effects. It's a pretty simple card, but it'd be very useful in a blue deck where you need to draw cards.

'Til tomorrow, loyal fans!
-Nameless One

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  1. Snazzy card, but the cycling seems a little expensive and the casting cost seems a little cheap (compare to inspiration, counsel of the soratami, mulldrifter, etc.) If Flash of Thought were a sorcery, it wouldn't be too much more powerful than counsel, and the instant-speediness of the cycling would provide a further incentive to cycle.

  2. Hmmm...You're right, it should be sorcery speed. Then the cycling costing the same makes more sense, since you can play it at instant speed for the same cost. See, this is why I put my stuff up on here.


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