Monday, May 18, 2009

[Protection Week] Card of the Day - Hand of Grace

Not what you expected? My apologies.

This is just an icebreaker, if you will. The other cards won't be this simple.

Original Art


  1. Curse you for tricking me, Grell!

    But this is a very decent card. It's sort of like Honor Guard, only it's going to stand in someone's day for a lot longer than anyone will expect. You can pump it to keep non-blacks from killing it, and then it's protected from most non-damage based removal. Strong stuff, chum.

    -Nameless One (Who has no wizards with defender. Pansies.)

  2. It's part of a one-color cycle of Hands. They're all 2/2s for [2][W] and their names follow the protection pattern. Hand of Law has pro red and gains you 2 life whenever it deals damage (this is not lifelink, btw. It's ALWAYS 2 life). Hand of Duty has pro green and can block an additional creature. Hand of Reason has pro blue and can't be countered. Hand of Truth has pro white and W: Untap CARDNAME. Law and Duty seem good to me, but "can't be countered" isn't very white and paying 1 mana to untap something seems too good. It might be printable, but it distances Truth from the rest of the cycle.

    The cycle would be spread through the three sets of a block. Grace and Law would inhabit the first set, Duty and Reason would chill in the second, and Truth would be all alone in the third.

  3. They're quite interesting and fight well against the colors they have protection against. Red gains life (anti burn), green has add block (anti-aggro), blue has anti-counter (anti-counter...dur.), and white...well, semivililance? It's hard to fight white with white. The green one works well against weenie rushes.

    Still a very strong but not overpowered cycle.

    -Nameless One (Who's still trying to figure out how to not make his cards over or underpowered.)


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