Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Card of the Day - Angel's Wings

This card wants to be part of a cycle, but it isn't. Come up with what the others should be and who knows, I might make them. Then again, I might not. No promises.

Vitaly S. Alexius is one of my favorite artists to use, along with SnowSkadi and Ling Yun. There are a lot of other spectacular artists on Deviantart but these are the best fantasy artists I've found whose work is both plentiful and consistently not copyrighted. Kudos to them. They are fine people. Denes Nagy and Adam Vehige deserve honorable mention in the category of prolific fantasy artists but I'm not such a huge fan of their styles and only use them when desperate. Mr. Vehige I find particularly cartoony.

Original Art

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  1. I want this card for my enchantment deck. "What's that? You killed my guy? Oh, you think that's a two for one? HAHAHAHAHAH! LOOK! NOW MY URIL THE MISTSTALKER IS FLYING AT YOU! AHAHAHAHAHAH!" Great. I might have to proxy this up for it.

    -Nameless One (Who's enchantment deck only has a couple of wizards in it.)


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