Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Card of the Day - Torturous End and Swarm Calling

Torturous End does something entirely different using scatter. The other cards essentially said "Each player does BLANK." Torturous End says "BLANK happens once for each person playing." Those two phrases may sound alike, but they have entirely different meanings. Trust me.

The length of scatter's rules text bugs me. It's just long enough to go onto that third line, but not long enough to have much of a presence there, you know? That little "it" sticking out there, all alone. It doesn't look good. Nor does the isolated "turn." I could just shrink the font by adding flavor text, but I can rarely come up with text I like enough to use.

If you thought that last card was crazy... This thing is sick even in two-player. They may get insects, but you'll have twice as many. After all the copies (and the original) have resolved, you will control at least half of the creatures on the board, no matter how many people are playing. And consider multiplayer for a moment. Let's say Timmy, Jhonny, Spike, Melvin, and Vorthos each have one creature. Timmy plays Swarm Calling and it scatters. The Callings resolve from the top down. Vorthos gets 5 insects. Melvin gets 10. Spike gets 20. Jhonny gets 40. Timmy gets a whopping 80 insects. He smiles a Timmy smile, passes the turn to Jhonny, and dies end of turn to Hidetsugu's Second Rite. Don't act so surprised. Melvin always plays this deck and every time he manages to pull off the Rite. It's uncanny.

EDIT: I already used the art for Swarm Calling on another card. You got a problem with that?

Yeah, me too.

Original Art - Torturous End
Original Art - Swarm Calling


  1. The Swarm calling is appropriately costed, because it goes "hhhaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and spits out a swarm of bugs.

    And in some games I play *cough*13people*cough* that tortuous end can get insanely out of hand. I think it should have an alternate cost or at least be costed a little higher. Hideous laughter is -2/-2 for 2BB, which is what yours will be unless you're playing...by yourself. Same with massacre. There hasn't been a card printed that does anything greater than -2/-2 for anything less than X. So I think it should be costed at at least five, and for more than 1 black in the cost. It's just an insanely powerful spell in multiplayer.

    -Nameless One

  2. It is done. Casting cost of Torturous End raised from [3][B] to [3][B][B]

  3. Good man. You should also make the caster discard their hand and sacrifice all their lands...just kidding. Yay armageddon!

    -Nameless One(Who is silly)


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