Sunday, May 3, 2009

Card of the Day - Small Mammal

A combination of Elvish Visionary, Ironshell Beetle, and Monk Realist.

The random standard thing went pretty well. Sergei showed up and used one of Benny's decks (Swath/Grapeshot combo) and Frank played a Mind over Matter/Arcanis/Dream Halls combo deck. Dream Halls might or might not be banned. Those of us with more than one deck switched them out, although I mainly stuck with red/white aggro and Benny usually went back a white weenie deck with Armageddon. The decklists may or may not show up at some point. I'm not gonna write a whole lot about it now as I have an AP test or two to study for and what with playing Magic all yesterday my time is sorta precious.

EDIT: We redistributed blocks and core sets using a random number-generating program. Here are the new blocks and core sets we've been assigned (as far as I remember):
Grell - Time Spiral, Urza Block, and Ninth
Draco - Shards, Masques, and Tenth
Benny - Lorwyn, Tempest, and Seventh
Frank - Shadowmoor, Invasion, and Eighth
Sergei - Kamigawa, Odyssey, and Sixth

Red/Green aggro is looking pretty good for me and I'm itching to play a Wild Pair deck. It's all fairly exciting.

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  1. What kind of standard are you playing? Sound smore like Legacy to me.

    -Reckless One


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