Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Ol' Undefeated

Earlier today, Frank and I went to a Shards-Reborn-Reborn draft. This was the first time I've played with any Alara Reborn cards. I went 3-0, losing not a single game in the process.

My Deck:
1 Architects of Will
1 Bloodpyre Elemental
1 Dregscape Zombie
1 Enigma Sphinx
1 Etherium Abomination
2 Grixis Grimblade
1 Grixis Sojourners
1 Igneous Pouncer
1 Kathari Bomber
1 Monstrous Carabid
1 Sewn-Eye Drake
1 Shore Snapper
1 Skeletal Kathari
1 Skyclaw Thrash

Non-Critter Spells:
1 Agony Warp
1 Demonic Dread
1 Grixis Charm
1 Magma Spray
1 Slave of Bolas
1 Soul Manipulation
1 Soul's Fire
1 Terminate

1 Grixis Panorama
4 Island
5 Mountain
1 Plains
6 Swamp

1 Architects of Will
1 Bant Sojourners
1 Dragon Appeasement
1 Druid of the Anima
1 Goblin Mountaineer
1 Grixis Sojourners
1 Jhessian Zombies
1 Jund Sojourners
1 Kathari Remnant
2 Magefire Wings
1 Resounding Wave
1 Sanctum Plowbeast
1 Singe-Mind Ogre
1 Soul Manipulation
1 Thopter Foundry

Why yes, I did run Enigma Sphinx with only one Plains and no mana fixing. The one game I actually played it, I cascaded into a Soul Manipulation (The worst result possible). Still, I won that game by using Slave of Bolas to steal my opponent's Akrasan Squire and swinging for exactly lethal with my now 6/5 flier. You don't always have to use your stolen creature to attack.

Slave of Bolas is so good!

You know what's not so good? Flurry of Wings. I didn't get it, but Frank had it in his deck and it was completely underwhelming. He never attacked with enough creatures or was attacked by enough creatures for it to be good. It was a little disappointing, especially after I'd got so excited about it. Frank went 1-2. I blame his four-color deck (says the guy playing a four-color deck). He played an obelisk and a borderpost (Bant and Mistvein, I believe) although he had two more that he could have. I don't like playing obelisks and borderposts. Mana fixing is nice, but the cycling cards just strike me as far better options. If you draw one early game, it fixes your mana. If you draw one late game, it might actually be relevant. I might even prefer Monstrous Carabid and its ilk to the artifact, but that's just me. If you get the chance to draft borderposts and cyclers, go for it. But if it comes down to a choice between those two, I greatly favor the cycling dudes. What do I know about drafting? It's not like I went undefeated or anything.

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Austin, Texas, feel free to post a comment on the most recent Card of the Day. It would be my pleasure to meet, draft with, and ideally crush you. No hard feelings

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