Friday, May 29, 2009

Card of the Day - Shrine of Erak

This is the card for Sunday, May 31st.

Original Art


  1. Erak likes making copies of his stuff, doesn't he. Any chance of seeing the man himself?

    And this is good. If it produced colored mana, it'd be broken.

  2. Definitely. If it produced coloured mana, loads of decks will be running this piece of madness!

  3. Of course. And infinite mana combos love this thing, since you can use these endlessly to make endless lands and make your Allosaurus rider frickin' enormous.

    -Nameless One

  4. You've seen Erak. Originally, all the Erak stuff was legendary and said things like "[4], [T]: Put a Shrine land token into play with '[T]: Add [1] to your mana pool.' and this ability." Before that, they were legendary and copied themselves but had a clause that nullified the legendary rule as long as there was only one nontoken version. However, the current way is easier to understand and just seems to work better, so Erak became his own disciple. He's tricky like that.


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