Saturday, May 2, 2009

Card of the Day - Flametrail Efreet

Gonna get together with some friends for a random standard tournament later today. We all were assigned random blocks and a random core set to make decks from:

Draco - Urza Block, Lorwyn, Ninth
Frank - Tempest, Onslaught, Tenth
Benny - Odyssey, Time Spiral, Seventh
Grell - Mirage, Invasion, Eighth

I have a W/U Griffin deck that I made to win a bet (it's actually fairly good); a R/W aggro deck that never seems to get the job done; a G aggro deck that runs Rogue Elephant, Harvest Wurm, Fallow Wurm, and Emperor Crocodile and works spectacularly when it works at all; and a W/B control deck that wrecks aggro. If you think I have a lot of white decks, you should know that I'm considering adding white to the mono-green one. Savannah Lions and Armadillo Cloak are so damn inviting. I know Draco has a Druid deck (he made it for the same bet), a Treefolk deck, two different elf decks, a Reveillark combo deck, and a Guile control deck. He was thinking about making a Faeries variant that ran Donate and Carnival of Souls but he might not have it done by then. I don't know what Frank's running and I'm not sure he knows either. Benny says he has eight decks, which is quite believable. I know one is mono-black control and I know one is a white weenie. After that, it's all a mystery. He probably has a madness deck, though.

Wish me luck!

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